Joost Iwema


January 18, 2023


funding, attribution, crediting

The WUR Scientific Machine Learning Network, this website, and different projects presented on this website, have been funded by the Wageningen University and Research (WUR) Data-driven Discoveries in a Changing Climate grant.

We thank the initiators and organisers of this fund for allowing us researchers much freedom to explore new, risky research opportunities. Such funding allows to untertake new efforts with a small chance of success, giving researchers the freedom to explore interesting ideas that would normally be challenging to get funded. Moreover, due to the limited administration effort needed during a project under this grant, a large share of the budget is actually spent on scientific discovery. We are grateful for this.

So far, the following SciML-projects presented on this website have been granted by the WUR ‘Data-driven Discoveries in a Changing Climate’ fund:

Data-driven Discoveries in a Changing Climate

Data-driven Discoveries in a Changing Climate